JiaYi House Building Materials specializes in producing various types of steel&glass stairs, guardrails, doors and windows. The company has a complete range of products, welcome to consult!

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Shenzhen JiaYi House Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of stairs, balustrade, doors and Windows, flooring, making stairs and balustrade with unique beauty, precision and structural integrity, as well as doors and Windows. Our team has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing and installation.

Crucially, in terms of quality control, we have a professional quality control team that controls the entire stair making and packing process to ensure that the customer receives the perfect goods.

This also means that we have the experience to handle varies type project requirement!

As a professional building materials supplier, we can provide one-stop service for your own house or your project, and all building materials products can be 100% customized according to the needs of the project!

We mainly work with housing developers, contractors, design and construction companies, and in recent years we have also provided services to a number of home owners. We have completed 500+ projects so far and received good feedback from our clients in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, etc.

 If you are looking for stairs, guardrails, doors and Windows for your project or your house,

Please contact us, we will have a professional sales team to docking with you, for your project tailored to share more details for your reference!

JiaYi House Building Visions:

1. Adhere to service and quality first

2. Provide the best matching solution for the project

3. Provide one-stop service, save customer energy

4. Complete after-sales service, so that the purchase of no worries!

Email: Carla@Jyhousebuilding.com

WhatsApp / Phone: +86 18589087186

Address: 103, Building 7 Tangxiayong Park, Yanluo Street Bao'an District, Shenzhen,China